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Federal Work Study Employee Information

The Federal Work Study Program is designed to provide financial aid resources through part-time employment for students having documented financial need for assistance in meeting their educational expenses.  The program must be a supplement to existing aid for students, thereby increasing part-time job opportunities throughout the campus.

Eligibility for participation with Federal Work Study is determined by the Office of Financial Aid on a yearly basis.  All students must complete a FAFSA form at the beginning of each calendar year and submit an application for Federal Work Study. The application can be found online or in the Office of Financial Aid. The awarding process cannot be complete unless the student completes the FAFSA requirement.

The amount of money you are eligible to earn is based upon the award given to you by the Office of Financial AId.  The hours that you complete will be paid on an hourly wage for what you worked within a given pay period.  If you have not earned all of your work-study funds during a semester, the funds are deducted and awarded to other students.  This does not affect your other Financial Aid; however, it may affect your evaluation and the amount of funds awarded to you in the next academic year.

As a work study student, there are innumerable benefits which include pay rates above minimum wage with the opportunity to gain a higher pay rate, weekend and evening hours availability, and work experience on your resume’.

The Office of Financial Aid is constantly researching new products and information to make your college and Federal Work Study experience as easy and memorable as possible.  And you, the student, are expected to show the same commitment and level of professionalism in the Federal Work Study Program as in any other job. 

Please be sure to download and read the Federal Work Study manual.

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